Family Constellations Testimonials

“Very profound work came to a mature facilitator. It was a moving pleasure to be a representative.” – Johanne Verner, Family Constellations facilitator

“I have been thinking a lot about my ‘revelation’ at Thursday’s meeting. I can’t begin to express just how profoundly the work I am doing with you has affected me. I am so deeply moved each time I work with you, that I truly wish I had the time and money to work through this every day with you.

I guess what I’m saying is ..THANK YOU. on so many levels. For allowing me a safe and loving space to just be; for showing me a love and warmth which I trust. Although this is the nature of your business, there is a strong element of a natural and sincere love of helping others which I feel from you. . . I am so very grateful you have crossed my path at this point of my life.” – Sonya Woods, Mother

“Thank you again Moira for a wonderful workshop – you are so very skilled – all the training you have done over the years has given you a solid base from which to move in the constellation work and it is such a powerful technique / intervention – for want of a better word. I look forward to another one and would like to pass along your next description of the workshop to a few colleagues….. Congratulations Moira – I hope that you will keep on doing your healing work.” – Sharon Holesh, Psychotherapist.

“Doing my own family constellation was without doubt one of the single most healing experiences I have ever had. In one moment a lot that had been disturbing me in my life, revealed itself from generations past , as if the light had finally been shone on those dark shadows and niches that I had always felt existed but couldn’t put my finger on. It is true to say that my life has shifted since this moment, that I feel that I have had the opportunity to see what was being held in my spirit that I now need to give back, as if the weight had been lifted from my shoulders. I feel more buoyant. It is as if the ghosts of alot of the past has lifted and there is more colour in my life. Without doubt, a major part of this journey being so powerful and deep was Moira whose facilitation was imbued with compassion, intelligence and a trust in spirituality as her guide. The way that she trusted the evolution of this process was inspiring and the depth and width of the space that she held was amazing, full of grace and beauty. I have nothing but deep thanks and even deeper gratitude for the work that she is directing. This journey changes lives.” – Danielle Astor, Teacher

“My own personal experience with this work has resulted in profound changes, both through participating as a representative in others constellations and by doing my own family constellation.” – Candace Walton, Registered Massage Therapist/Transpersonal Psychotherapist

“Thanks for the great workshop, Moira. You’re very talented – I’ve always thought so.” – Sara Copley, Lawyer

“I am so impressed with this therapeutic process. I also want to tell you that I was really impressed with your work. Obviously, you have found a therapeutic niche that really fits for you. I like your pace and your creativity. I kept being surprised by the things you did – bringing in Poland, for example. So interesting. Such richness. Thanks for allowing me a chance to process this powerful experience.” – J.E.

“First of all, I would like to say how I feel privileged for having you in my life.Yesterday, I felt blessed and grateful for being able to experience something so powerful.Thank you for your kindness and love for all of us.” – Jussara Lourenco, Psychotherapist

“This work you do is amazingly deep and effective. I got many insights, made some shifts and I am on fire again.

Every single detail, during my session, was a precise representation of the energy that works in my family system. After the session I felt as if I came out of a bubble from which I just couldn’t or wasn’t able to see the complexity of my mother’s life and couldn’t stop either blaming her or feeling guilty. It seems to me that dysfunctional entangled energies have gotten free for much healthier purposes.” – Tatjana Kecman, Psychotherapist

“The Constellation experience over 6 months ago completely changed my experience around claustrophobia. Soon after the Constellation, I had many positive experiences with situations that would usually have made me feel claustrophobic. Over time, I didn’t fully trust that the work was complete, and was quite anxious when booking my trip. However, I continued with my plans, and kept trying to let my anxious thoughts go as they arose.

I just returned from my trip to England. Both flights were completely uneventful for me – fantastic!

I feel such a sense of freedom and gratitude that the world has opened up for me and I can enjoy travelling again.

I can’t thank you enough.“ – Sylvia Goodeve

“I have been participating in Family constellation workshops lead by Moira Canes for several years now and have found the work to be very real, and remarkably effective at uncovering hidden wounds within my family system, which I had unconsciously been repeating in my life…..this work has been so great at healing those wounds, and now I am living a more conscious and autonomous life.” – Patrick Paglialunga

“I apologize for not contacting you before. I was made aware of your health problems through a friend and then I received an email from you with details of your health situation. Every time I read about or talk to people about family constellations your name comes loud and clear as the most perceptive and sensitive therapist I’ve seen. Indeed your sessions were a place of healing and peace.” – Guillermo Banuelos

“When I first met with you for an astrology session in Toronto in the late 1980’s, I knew I would learn much from you. You helped me to find my voice and tune into unconscious behaviour patterns that were no longer serving me — and so began a conscious journey to heal myself, which ongoing and life-long. My heart goes out to you with regard to all you’ve been through. You are a true spiritual warrior. My daughter, Alexandra, forwarded your blog to me. Thank you for sharing your journey. You inspire me deeply, and I have no doubt you inspire many others. Wishing you well as your journey forth.” – Kindest Regards, Catherine D

“I wish to tell you how much you helped me as my therapist. I relate so much to your story of feeling lost and “the dark night of the soul,” that’s where I was when I came to you. In hindsight, I was incredibly depressed and somewhat disassociated. I experienced a great healing after working with you both one-on-one and through my short time in the program. I felt like my soul was present in my body again, and I eased up and started to find love for myself. It’s still an ongoing process, but I’m much healthier today and couldn’t have gotten this far without you. You are a very gifted therapist and if counseling continues to be part of your life path, I wish you all the best in your ability to return to it.” – Alexandra K

“Moira – I had such an insightful experience with my constellation – I am just amazed at the powerful representations and the amazing opportunity to interact with representations of my family. I am so grateful for the experience.

Please do realize the value to yourself and others of creating the intention to offer this work, with support to create the time, space and energy for it. What a rich experience! I will be pleased to attend more sessions in the future and will invite friends as well. Peace to you.” – Maria L.